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I have set my hert so hy


The Gramophone Magazine,
It is truly wonderful to hear a song like 'Wyth ryth al my herte'... with its endless repetition of the name 'Annys'. Also particularly welcome is the closing suite of melodies from the Gresley Dances (c1500): this probably represents The Dufay Collective at their best.


The Sunday Times
Lyons has also composed scrupulously idiomatic music for texts for which no music survives. The three women of Voice sing with alluring purity of timbre and blend, while Lyons's instrumentations enhance a mood of intimacy and refinement.


The New York Times

Here four expert instrumentalists of the Dufay Collective are joined by the female vocal trio Voice in a varied selection of conjectural reconstructions from old England. Especially delectable are the jazzily swinging chaconne-based “Maiden in the Mor Lay” and two a cappella numbers, “Nowel: Owt of Youre Sleep Aryse” and “Hayl Mary, Ful of Grace. (James R. Oestreich)


Limelight Magazine Australia

There are energetic a cappella carols such as Hayl Mary ful of Grace; there are beautiful instrumental version of song such as Danger me hath, unskylfuly; there are arrangements for accompanied solo voice such as Bryd one brere; and there are frankly stunning original settings such as the a cappella Adam lay ibowndyn and the gorgeous Corpus Christi Carol for accompanied solo voice. All are gracefully performed – with a nod both to the academy and to the pub.

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