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Here are all our recordings to date with sample tracks from each one.

A l'Estampida


Our first CD way back in 1991. The recording caused something of a stir, coming as it did at a time when all-vocal repertoires were dominating the releases for early music recordings.


This track, a 14th century Salterello has all the raw energy and joy that was a benchmark of our early days.

A Dance in the Garden of Mirth


The CD was the second of our purely instrumental albums, exploring the versatility of the players and the kinds of ensembles that may have played this music in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The track here is a great band arrangement of the 14th century Italian Istanpitta 'Ghaetta'.

Miri it is


Miri It Is was our first outing with the inestimable John Potter, who sang on two other recordings with us. Also the start of the Dufays interest in the music of England. The recording received great reviews.


Tracks: Miri it is while sumer ilast; Edi Be Thu; O Sponsa Dei Electa



Johnny, Cock Thy Beaver

With this recording, again with John Potter, we ventured into the territory of late 16th & 17th century England. The record company didn't want us to use this title, but we held fast and got our way.

These two tracks 'A Wooing Song of a Yeoman of Kent' and 'The Three Ravens' typify the characterful playing and singing on the CD.

On the Banks of the Seine

The recording that got away - this was released perhaps too soon after our last release and rather got lost in the mix. It got great reviews though, and contains some excelllent music.


Tracks: Je Chevauchoie L'autrier; Amor Potest


This is a recording that represented a repertoire we have been performing ever since we formed; the Cantigas de Santa Maria. The scope this wonderful music presented was inspiring, and the miracle tales gripping.


Tracks: O Nome da Virgen Santa; Instrumental on CSM 249


The Cancioneros produced in the Spanish territories at the end of the 15th century were the last hurrah for the glories of Spanish vernacular song. Using the construct of music provided for a court feast, this recording featured Alta Capella wind music, viol and rebec consorts, joyous Lenten choruses and sighing romances.



Tracks: La Alta; Oy Comamos y Bebamos; Al Alva Venid

Music for Alfonso the Wise

 Our first release with Harmonia Mundi USA, representing the secular side of music-making at the court of Alfonso X 'El Sabio' of Castille & Leon 1252-1284. He commissioned the Cantigas de Santa Maria as heard on our 'Miracles' recording. This CD includes the haunting 'Cantigas de Amigo' sequence by the Galician troubadour Martin Codax.


Tracks: Bailemos Nos; Quen a Virgen

The Play of Daniel

Our most ambitious recording to date, involving the choirboys of Southwell Minster, 8 solo singers and the 5 Dufays. This has been reviewed as the most evocative recording of this piece to date.


Tracks: Astra Tenenti; Cum Doctorum; Ecce Darius

To Drive the Cold Winter Away

We decided to produce a limitied edition of a Christmas programme last year to coincide with our US tour. The programme has proved very popular and we will put out a general release version of this programme next year. In the meantime, you'll only be able to buy this at our concerts.


Tracks can be heard on our PROGRAMMES page

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